Lausanne Celebrates Scholastic Art Awards Winners
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Lausanne Celebrates Scholastic Art Awards Winners

Congratulations to all our student winners for this year's Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards Competition, sponsored by the Brooks Museum League.  Once again this year, Lausanne students are very fortunate to have been so widely recognized in this nationally acknowledged competition.
The Scholastic Art Awards is a nation-wide art awards program, which started in 1923.  It is the longest-running and most prestigious art awards program for artistic young people in the country.  The Mid South Scholastic Art Awards recognizes students from the Memphis area, and also schools from Mississippi and Arkansas, so any recognition in this competition is truly an honor.  Gold key winners will go on to compete at the national level, and winners at the national level will be announced sometime in the Spring (date to be announced). Out of thousands of entries and almost 800 awards given to approximately 46 tri-state (TN, MS, and AR) area schools participating in this year's Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards, Lausanne students were recognized with results of 38 total awards, including 7 Gold keys, 17 Silver keys, 14 Honorable Mentions, and 1 Junior Best-In-Show award this year.
Below are the winners for this year:
Arin   Adams 10 Naya Photography Confusion Honorable Mention  
Julia   An 9 Manzo Comic Art Hand on the Torch Silver Key  
Ben   Brandon 12 Naya Sculpture Materialism Gold Key  
Sinema   Byrd 10 Manzo Painting Solitary Gold Key  
Tevy   Byrd 12 Manzo Painting Self Honorable Mention  
Tevy   Byrd 12 Manzo Digital Art Rooftop Conversation Honorable Mention  
Tevy   Byrd 12 Manzo Art Portfolio Formarum Vitae Honorable Mention  
Tevy   Byrd 12 Manzo Digital Art Sapphic Silver Key  
Dima   Chemaitilly 8 Manzo Painting Waning Sustenance Silver Key  
Madison   Cooley 12 Naya Digital Art Off the Grid Silver Key  
Venice   Fan 11 Auger Architecture & Industri Motivation Silver Key  
Ibrahim   Farooq 12 Naya Film & Animation Rendezvous Gold Key  
Ibrahim   Farooq 12 Naya Mixed Media Pixy Hypnogogia Silver Key  
Jack   Gerald 9 Manzo Photography Morning mist by the mire Silver Key  
Ronan   Goff 8 Passaro-Floyd Painting Majestic Stripes Gold Key  
Ella   Gregory 10 Passaro-Floyd Photography The Eyes Have It! Honorable Mention  
Ella   Gregory 10 Passaro-Floyd Photography Lavanda Honorable Mention  
Skylar   Harts 10 Passaro-Floyd Fashion A Existência Honorable Mention  
Amaya   Holland 10 Naya Photography Face Frenzy Silver Key  
Emilio   Lachica 10 Manzo Sculpture Sushi Honorable Mention  
Emilio   Lachica 10 Manzo Digital Art Alter Ego Silver Key  
Bella   Leggett 10 Naya Photography Sploosh Silver Key  
Shromona   Malhotra 7 Passaro-Floyd Printmaking Sharp Edges Gold Key Junior Best-In-Show
Zoey   Matthews 10 Naya Photography Lines Gold Key  
Zoey   Matthews 10 Naya Photography Woof Silver Key  
India   Norris 10 Manzo Painting Winter Blues Silver Key  
Elaina   Przybyszewski 11 Manzo Architecture & Industri My Dance Studio Honorable Mention  
Hannah   Rothman 10 Manzo Painting Life Through Rose Colored Glasses Silver Key  
Logan   Segal 12 Auger Ceramics & Glass That's Not Who We Are Honorable Mention  
Neil   Seth 7 Passaro-Floyd Painting Puppy Breath Honorable Mention  
Hannah   Siegler 11 Auger Sculpture Ocean Acidification Honorable Mention  
Isabel   Sorenson 8 Manzo Painting Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick, the Tiny Ham Gold Key  
Kai   Thompson 9 Naya Photography Thrown Away Silver Key  
Annabella   Tian 10 Manzo Printmaking Totally Rad-ish Honorable Mention  
Jordan   Timmons 11 Manzo Film & Animation I Understand You Honorable Mention  
Jordan   Timmons 11 Manzo Painting How Violent? Silver Key  
Reese   Trusty 7 Passaro-Floyd Printmaking Island Destination Silver Key  
Tian   Zhang 11 Manzo Photography New epoch Silver Key  

We are so proud of our talented Lausanne artists and want to congratulate their teachers, as well! It takes all of us, within our process, to develop the drive, imagination, and enthusiasm in young people to produce results such as these.

If you would like to see the work of Lausanne gold key winners, along with all the winners in the region, the work will be on exhibit at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art from January 25 – February 23, 2020. All Scholastic Art award winners (gold key, silver key, and honorable mention winners) are invited to attend their divisional award ceremony at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art Auditorium on Saturday, February 15, 2020.  Lausanne will formally recognize Upper School Scholastic Art award winners, as well as all our Upper School artists, at a special Arts Showcase convocation at 12:05 on Monday, March 23, 2020 in EPAC. Award winners will receive their actual awarded gold keys, silver keys and honorable mention certificates.  For more information, please visit the following website: