Lausanne Expands Strings Offerings In Musical Department
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Lausanne Expands Strings Offerings In Musical Department

The sound of violins can once again be heard echoing through the halls of Lausanne. 

In an effort to spark interest to learn string instruments, Lausanne purchased 12 violins and have begun expanding string musical offerings. 

With the help of Mrs. Roxanne Daws, Suzuki certified conservatory teacher and professional musician, Lausanne began teaching introductory violin skills to all Junior Kindergarten (JK) children. 

Every JK student participates in two group lessons each month. Daws comes into the JK music lessons, lays out foot charts, violins and bows. Music teacher Tara West assists in every group lesson. By the end of the year, each child will have had 10-12 group lessons.

"I started the lessons because I noticed that we had lots of children with musical aptitude who could benefit from private music study. But many parents were not enrolling their children because they probably had no idea their kid could do it or if their kid would like it," West said. 

Since we started three years ago, almost 100 kids have been introduced to the violin. Some students have enrolled in private violin lessons while others have switched to piano. 

"This year, we also began a string ensemble for middle and upper school students that is being taught by Aaron Tubergen, a violist/violinist and professional musician," West said. "The older students are really enjoying the chamber music that Aaron has selected for them and they're benefiting greatly from his instruction and advice."