Lausanne Honors 2021 Scholastic Art Winners
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Lausanne Honors 2021 Scholastic Art Winners

Lausanne would like to congratulate all our student winners for this year's Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards Competition, sponsored by the Brooks Museum League. 

In this year's nationally recognized competition, Lausanne art and design students were acknowledged with 25 total awards, including 5 Gold Keys, 7 Silver Keys and 13 Honorable Mentions. 

"Congratulations to all our Scholastic Art Awards winners, and congratulations to all their teachers. It takes all of us, within our process, to develop the drive, imagination and enthusiasm in young people to produce results such as these," said Visual Arts Coordinator & Upper School Visual Arts Teacher Michael Naya. "We are so proud of our talented Lausanne artists."

The Visual Art Categories include:

  • Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Ceramics & Glass
  • Comic Art
  • Design
  • Digital Art
  • Drawing & Illustration
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Fashion
  • Film & Animation
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Video Game Design
  • Art Portfolio (graduating seniors only)

The Scholastic Art Awards is a nationally recognized art awards program, which started in 1923. It is the longest-running and most prestigious art awards program for artistic young people in the country. The Mid South Scholastic Art Awards recognizes students from the Memphis area and also schools from Mississippi and Arkansas, so any recognition in this competition is truly an honor. Gold key winners will go on to compete at the national level, and winners at the national level will be announced sometime in the Spring (date to be announced).

If you would like to see Lausanne gold key winners' work, along with all the winners in the region, the work will be on exhibit at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art from January 23 – February 21 2021. This year, a virtual ZOOM award ceremony will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2021 from 2-3 p.m. All educators, students, family members, and school administrators are invited to tune into this year's virtual ceremony. For more information, please visit the following website:

Below are the winners for this year along with some of the artwork students submitted.

Brecken Brown 21 Manzo Mixed Media  Dissection        Silver Key 
Brecken Brown 21 Manzo Printmaking   Love is  Blind     Honorable Mention 
Brecken Brown 21 Manzo Sculpture   Soft to  the Touch    Silver Key 
Elaina Przybyszewski 21 Manzo Architecture & Industrial Design Modern Tiny Home      Honorable Mention 
Jonas Pflaumer 21 Manzo Painting   Burned Out       Silver Key 
Jordan Timmons 21 Manzo Painting   Chipping Away to Show What's Underneath  Silver Key 
Jordan Timmons 21 Manzo Film & Animation Did I Miss?      Honorable Mention 
Jordan Timmons 21 Manzo Art Portfolio  Realism  Meets Animation     Honorable Mention 
Rachel Lambert 21 Auger Mixed Media  Eye  Wide Open     Silver Key
Sophie Manis 21 Manzo Painting   Caught Red Handed     Honorable Mention 
Sophie Manis 21 Manzo Painting   Spirit Animal       Honorable Mention 
Tian Zhang 21 Manzo Digital Art  Post-civilization        Gold Key 
Susie Stephens 22 Manzo Architecture & Industrial Modern Model House     Gold Key 
Julia An 23 Manzo Painting   12:46 a.m. Honorable Mention 
Julia An 23 Manzo Painting   Unfulfilled        Honorable Mention 
Taylore Williams 23 Naya Photography   Melon Moon       Gold Key 
Isabel Sorenson 24 Manzo Painting   Les Pommes Rouge     Gold Key 
Jack Gerald 24 Manzo Photography   Meet your  meat     Honorable Mention 
Sara Devji 24 Manzo Digital Art  alter  ego      Honorable Mention 
Carlos Cathey 25 Passaro-Floyd Photography  No Play Today        Honorable Mention 
Lara Anderson 25 Passaro-Floyd Drawing & Illustration Retro Fusion       Silver Key 
Lara Anderson 25 Passaro-Floyd Drawing & Illustration Candle light       Honorable Mention 
Lara Anderson 25 Passaro-Floyd Digital Art Fever Dreamer        Silver Key 
Tre Brewer 25 Passaro-Floyd Painting   Confident        Honorable Mention 
Allie Rose Sorenson 26 Passaro-Floyd Drawing & Illustration Worn        Gold Key 
Carlos Cathey '25 – No Play Today
Lara Anderson '25 – Retro Fusion 
Allie Rose '26 – Worn
Taylore Williams '23 – Melon Moon

Sophie Manis '21 – Caught Red Handed 

Jonas Pflaumer '21 – Burned Out 
Rachel Lambert '21 – Eyes Wide Open


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