Lausanne Hosts 2021 Young Alumni Day
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Lausanne Hosts 2021 Young Alumni Day

Lausanne welcomed seven alumni who spoke to our Upper School students virtually during Lausanne's annual Young Alumni Panel as part of Young Alumni Day.

The Lynx graduates, ranging from 2016-2021, shared the experiences that led them to choose their colleges, universities, graduate programs, internships and careers. They answered questions about what to expect as they enter college and if they would have done anything differently to go through the college process again. You can watch their Q & A session on Facebook by clicking here.

"We are incredibly grateful to welcome these individuals virtually to speak about their experiences," said Director of Development and Community Engagement Charlotte Albertson. "Our annual Young Alumni Panel is one of the most prestigious invitations we offer to our youngest alumni at Lausanne."

The alumni panelist who spoke included: 

Raghav Ranga, Class of 2016

• Raghav is a medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He graduated from Lausanne in 2016 as salutatorian and studied Global Health at Georgetown. After graduating with his bachelor's degree from Georgetown, he graduated with a master's in Public Health at George Washington University, which he finished in 12 months. 

• He chose Georgetown because of its location in D.C. He wanted to explore a bigger urban area for his education. Washington DC has expanded his horizons, which led him to stay in D.C. for medical school and graduate school.

Christian Locastro, Class of 2017

• Christian studied nursing at the University of Tulsa, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

• He now works in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Saint Francis Children's Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

• He chose to go to school at the University of Tulsa because he felt a smaller, private school would be a good fit for him, especially as he saw their completely revamped nursing program when he toured. He spoke to professors at the University about their retention rate of students, passing scores on the NCLEX of past graduating classes, and student resources. He was extremely glad he did the research prior to picking a school.

Salome West, Class of 2018

• Salome is a senior at American University currently majoring in Anthropology on the Pre-Medicine Track with a minor in Biology. 

• She also is working an on-campus job and as a virtual research assistant for Johns Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger Institute. Her research is in their Infant Neurodevelopment Center, helping research physicians with their publications and compiling data for upcoming studies. She received this position from participating in the MCHC/RISE-UP internship program over the summer.

• Salome chose American primarily because she wanted to be in D.C. When visiting the colleges there, she realized that it was the perfect city for her to be in. She loves American because of her Anthropology department and the close friendships she has made.

Isaac Weiss, Class of 2019

• Isaac is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in public relations and minoring in business. 

• He is also currently interning with Source Day as an A.P. Support Intern. 

• He chose the University of Texas at Austin because he knew he wanted somewhere outside Tennessee. His father is a U.T. alumnus. He visited the school and instantly fell in love. The city of Austin was a significant factor as well, as he wanted to find a school in a larger city with good hiking trails and parks. In addition, sports were a major factor. Thus U.T. ended up being the perfect fit.

Orli Katz, Class of 2020

• Orli is a sophomore at the University of Michigan applying to the school of public policy and organizational studies and minoring in sustainability. 

• She chose Michigan because it has endless resources. Coming in undecided with no direction, she wanted options and a range of academic departments, clubs, and opportunities to choose from. She also knew that Ann Arbor is a lively college town full of spirit and wanted an area that had plenty to do but still had the college campus feel.

Cailin Brown, Class of 2021

• Cailin is a freshman at the University of Miami majoring in finance, entrepreneurship, and theater minor. 

• She currently serves as the United Black Students Senator in the Student Government. She was also recently initiated as a member of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi 

• She chose the University of Miami because it felt similar to Lausanne. Miami prioritizes diversity and prepares its students for professional careers on day one. The culture is extremely positive, accepting and it embodies the "Work Hard, Play Hard" mindset. 

Justice Crawford, Class of 2021

• Justice is a freshman at the University of Southern California majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing on a Pre-Law track. He received the prestigious Trustee Scholarship part of USC's McCarthy Honors College for first-year students. 

• Justice was recently hired as an Account Manager at USC's only student-run marketing agency, Trojan Marketing Group. He oversees client relations and pitches campaigns to the executives of L.A.-based businesses. He was also just offered a position as a Teaching Assistant in his Business Economics course due to his exemplary performance as a first-year. 

• Justice chose USC as it was his dream school for most of his high school career. While other institutions enticed him for prestige, such as Stanford, it came down to what would be the best fit for him and his career aspirations. The diversity of thought, people and disciplines at USC has made him feel right at home!

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