Lausanne Hosts Annual Shakespeare Competition
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Lausanne Hosts Annual Shakespeare Competition

Recently, some of Lausanne's Upper School thespians competed in the annual Shakespeare Competition held in EPAC. 

"Competitors are asked to prepare a monologue from one of Shakespeare's works and they perform it in front of a panel of judges," Middle and Upper Theatre teacher Ashley Bugg Brown said. "Judges choose the winner based on understanding and interpretation of the text and overall performance. Our school competition is in support of the ESU National Shakespeare Competition."

The Shakespeare Competition begins as a schoolwide contest with the winner moving on to a community level competition, in which they perform another monologue followed by a Shakespearean sonnet with the hopes of advancing to the national competition held in New York City. 

Last year, Christina Frye '19 won first place at the Lausanne competition and the Memphis level. This year, Anjali Borschel '21 came in first place, Jasmine Younes '23 followed behind with second place and Kaitlyn Graham '23 grabbed third place. 

"Students who are interested in competing in the school-wide competition can look for it at the beginning of next January," Ms. Bugg Brown said. "We'd love to have more competitors!" 


Congrats to Anjali Borschel '21! She won second place in the English Speaking Union’s Shakespeare Competition. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:21