Lausanne Hosts Grandparent's Day
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Lausanne Hosts Grandparent's Day

A feeling of warmth spread across Lausanne's crowded campus as smiling students walked around with family members.

During Grandparents Day, Lausanne grandparents and family members were invited to campus the day before Thanksgiving break to catch a glimpse of their Lausanne students’ daily learning experience.

All divisions of the school participated in an event made for all different ages in the Lausanne community to connect and share what Lausanne offers. Family members had the opportunity to walk around to each classroom with their Lausanne student, meet some of the faculty and staff and learn about the everyday activities and curriculum they are currently learning.

“We love being able to show families the incredible work their Lausanne student is learning and the everything they are accomplishing,” said Headmaster Stuart McCathie. “Building relationships is an important part of Lausanne’s core values, and sharing this day with students and their families is an honor.”

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