Lausanne Hosts Inaugural Galentine's Day
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Lausanne Hosts Inaugural Galentine's Day

Thursday night, Lausanne junior girls were invited to celebrate strong women, leadership, and self-love during the first-ever Galentine's Day event. 

"Our goal in creating this night was to meet girls where they are and empower them," Upper School Counselor and Galentine's Day organizer Samantha Douglas said. "We wanted girls to walk away feeling like they have stronger relationships with each other, the female faculty at Lausanne, and maybe most importantly-themselves."

The girls turned in their cell phones and tablets upon arrival to enjoy an unplugged night of fun. The event kicked off in the Alumni Dining Hall and students had the opportunity to decide how they'd like to spend their evening. 

The event offered multiple activities to choose from including valentine cookie decorating, movies, games, female empowerment exercises and a braid bar and make-up station. 

"It makes me so happy that our junior girls were able to share a night of love, laughter and bonding outside of their everyday routine at school," Director of Lausanne 360 and event organizer Rachel Hammons said. "This was an incredible experience for all of us and I loved being able to watch them connect over their similarities and differences."

"Fostering confidence, strong leadership skills, self-love, and strong bonds with one another is so important for these girls," Heather Price, an Upper School teacher and one of the organizers of the event said. "We, as teachers and administrators, so clearly see how brilliant, creative, strong, and beautiful they are inside and out. However, teenage girls often fail to see those qualities in themselves. It was so exciting having a night dedicated to celebrating the junior girls."