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Lausanne Hosts International Week

Each year in February, an International Week is held to gives students the opportunity to participate in cultural learning experiences, food tastings and fun-filled activities that reflect the diverse and globally minded atmosphere at Lausanne.

“Students are encouraged to get involved in one or more of the activities that remind us of how diverse we are and how much the world has to offer,” said Upper School Spanish teacher Chary Jara. “That way we can celebrate our cultural heritage and that of those around us.”

During this year's International Week activities included: International trivia everyday during break, a talent show at Monday’s convocation, deserts and appetizers from different countries on Tuesday and Dress-Up Day on Friday, where students wore traditional attire from any country of their choosing.

Check out these performances from the talent show!

Solbok Yi '19 performs a rap in Korean.

A dance rountine performed by Kevin Ou '19, Sultan Shah '20, Anaum Showkat '20 and Annabella Tian '22

Skylar Hart '22 sings a song in Mandarin.

Imaan Hussain '19, Andrew Tian '19, Claire Kvande '19, Niresha Wanigasekera '19, Zoe Gurney '19, Julia Whitehorn '19, Jai Sharma '19, Jordan Brown '19 and Kevin Ou '19 joined Upper School faculty in the Southeast Asia Club's Bollywood dance rountine.