Lausanne Hosts Virtual Young Alumni Panel
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Lausanne Hosts Virtual Young Alumni Panel

Lausanne welcomed six alumni who spoke to our Upper School students virtually during Lausanne's annual Young Alumni Panel as part of Young Alumni Day.

The graduates, ranging from 2014-2020, shared about the experiences that led them to choose their colleges, universities, graduate programs, internships and careers.

They answered questions about what to expect as they enter college and if they would have done anything differently if they were to go through the college process again.

"We are incredibly grateful to welcome these individuals virtually to speak about their experiences," said Director of Development and Community Engagement Charlotte Albertson. "Our annual Young Alumni Panel is one of the most prestigious invitations we offer to our youngest alumni at Lausanne."

The alumni panelist who spoke included: 

Armand Amini, Class of 2016 

  • BA in neuroscience with a minor in cinematic arts from the University of Southern California. He was Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. 
  • While at USC as an undergrad student, Armand founded and was the President of TrojanSupport, a peer counseling program for USC students. He was also a research assistant at the USC Imaging Center and an intern at Winterlight Pictures. 
  •  Armand is currently taking a gap year before starting medical school. He is working with USC alumni, current students and faculty to establish a mental health support program for high school students in south-central Los Angeles while also working in the film industry. 
  •  Armand chose USC for his interests in neuroscience, psychology and film. Although some of the other schools he was deciding between could be considered "bigger names" (Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Berkeley, etc.), he felt after visiting USC and meeting with students and faculty that this was the place he could pursue all of his interests to the fullest. He also feels this decision and everything USC provided him as an undergraduate student has put him in a great position to enter the next phase of his life. He prepares for medical school in the fall and continues to explore the interaction between art and medicine. 

Kaleb Davis, Class of 2018 

  • Junior at Howard University, majoring in music composition. 
  • This summer, he received an internship with a well-known musician named Damien Sneed. Kaleb's choral arrangements have also been performed this year. 

Lucy Callicott, Class of 2018 

  • Lucy is a Junior at Elon University majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in International and Global Studies and Poverty and Social Justice. 
  • She is currently conducting undergraduate research examining elementary educators' awareness and perceptions of trauma-informed care in their classrooms and schools. In the spring, she was named a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Young Leader. 
  •  Lucy chose Elon because it provided the close-knit, rigorous academic experience I was seeking. The small class sizes, intimate nature of the Honors program and ample research opportunities sparked her interest the most. She was also attracted to Elon because of its location; a place between big cities, the mountains and the beach promised travel and fun! 

Madeline Culbreth, Class of 2019 

  • Sophomore at the University of Miami, majoring in Microbiology & Immunology and minoring in Spanish, Chemistry and Math. 
  •  Madeline originally went to UGA, and within the first two weeks, realized it wasn't a good fit for her. After this experience, she knew she was looking for a small school in a big city with a diverse student body, including an academic program like the IB, rather than memorization-based teaching and learning. Of course, Miami's weather and beach are a huge plus, and Madeline plans to continue her education at the University of Miami's medical school. 

Carson Webb, Class of 2020 

  • A freshman at Amherst College is "technically undecided" but considers himself a prospective math and economics major. 
  • Carson is also a member of the Amherst football team, the Investment Club, the Quantitative Training Club and the Amherst LEADS Program (a leadership program for student-athletes). 
  • He chose Amherst because it offers an outstanding balance between a high academic environment and a supportive network throughout the faculty, athletics, student body and alumni community. 

Dylan Andrews, Class of 2020

  • Freshman at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville majoring in chemistry and pre-med. 
  •  Dylan is also working as a rehab nursing technician at Encompass Health and involved in the Multicultural Mentorship Program at UTK. 
  • He chose UTK because it was the best all-around fit for him and his needs. 

Watch the full Young Alumni Panel video here: 

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