Lausanne House Competition Starts The Year Strong
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Lausanne House Competition Starts The Year Strong

The Lausanne House Competition has gotten off to an incredible start this year, and as the first trimester comes to an end, the four houses are all locked in a tight battle to see who will be declared the winner of the House Cup this year.

The house competition for this year started with a “Welcome Back Poster.” Each Grade Level House created a poster welcoming back a grade level on campus. They had to put an inspirational phrase, a learner’s profile trait and something about their house on the poster. Students have also had “Guess the Disney Song,” “School Supply Rock Band,” “Thriller Dance Competition,” and a Relay Race/Jeopardy game that 8th Graders led. Most of these activities have encouraged every student to be involved. Every competition has seen a variety of different leaders with various gifts step up and lead their Houses. 

“I have loved the involvement by the students, and have been particularly impressed with how our eighth graders have led by example by participating in the events and having such a positive attitude,” sixth Grade Individuals and Societies Teacher and House System Director Kyle Lawrence said. 

Lausanne also has a service component to the House System. This year, students have been collecting "pop tabs" for the Ronald McDonald House. The House of Massey has already earned 50 points by filling up both of their water jugs! Soon, students will begin collecting Canned Goods for the Mid South Food Bank that we will use to create “structures” that our Art Department will judge. The Upper School will then deliver these to the Mid South Food Bank to help those in need this Holiday season.

Created in 2006, the Lausanne house system is designed to connect Middle School students via a common identity, cause and activity. 

Current House Cup standings: 

Posted by Steven Russell at 11:33