Lausanne Junior Kindergartens Connect With Community Members Around Campus
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Lausanne Junior Kindergartens Connect With Community Members Around Campus

Over the past month, Junior Kindergarten students discovered that connecting with others is the best way to learn more about a community! As a part of their PYP unit of inquiry, Who We Are, the little Lynx learners have been venturing outside the classroom to explore the school and engaging with Lausanne members across campus.

"Our JK kiddos have spent this first month of school learning about themselves and the value they and others bring to the Lausanne community," Junior Kindergarten teacher Comelia Franceschi shared. "No matter how big or small, we all play an important role in making Lausanne the awesome school it is!"

The learning experience kicked off with a visit to Headmaster McCathie's office, where he and Admissions Coordinator Shannon Holder read a book and allowed students to ask questions about their role on campus. 

The students learned that Headmaster McCathie and Mrs. Holder have a family and a neighborhood community just like them and that there's even a college community waiting for them after graduating from Lausanne. 

"This unit of inquiry is so powerful," JK teacher Carrie Miller said. "The children are learning that so many awesome people make up the Lausanne Community. It has been so much fun meeting everyone and the students realizing that everyone has an important role at Lausanne – even JK!"

Additionally, their adventures around campus included a trip to the amphitheater, where they showcased their school spirit with Lausanne's Varsity Cheerleading team and a trip down to the Lynx athletic field, where they received Lausanne football jerseys and met with some Lynx athletic coaches. Students also stopped by the guard shack to visit Bill over campus security and the dining hall to chat with Frank Supergan, the Head of Dining Services.    

Back in the classroom, students received visits from guest readers in Middle School and Assistant Head of Upper School Chris Jordan.  

"We've enjoyed opening up our school year by learning more about the community around us here at Lausanne," JK teacher Amy Morrison said. "We are so fortunate to be surrounded by many incredible students, staff, and faculty. We love our community!"


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:45