Lausanne Seniors Choose Internships That Reflect Professional Goals
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Lausanne Seniors Choose Internships That Reflect Professional Goals

From the Memphis Grizzlies to New York University to Spotify and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Lausanne seniors are interning at a broad spectrum of organizations across the country.

In an effort to give Lausanne students a glimpse of their potential future in the working world, our seniors spent the week interning in the corporate realm.

Through these internships, the class of 2019 have the opportunity to explore and use their talents and skills in a unique environment, while also learning to market their capabilities and step out of their comfort zones.

“College Admission is becoming more competitive every year,” said Stuart Dunster, Head of Upper School. “Internships not only add a different dimension to a student resume as they apply for colleges, but it can also help bring focus to potential college majors.”

Once seniors start considering a career path, Lausanne helps students reach out to alumni and other connections in the community to build relationships and secure internships that relate to their professional goals.

In the right internship environment, a senior may uncover hidden talents or skills, while discovering whether the career path they were considering is the right choice or not.

“Our students have the opportunity to get a phenomenal internship, and to walk away knowing whether this is the right career choice or maybe they need to make adjustments,” said Rachel Hammons, Director of Lausanne 360. “The goal is for seniors to make strides toward what they want to do with their lives, and internships help provide them with a better understanding of what the future might hold.”