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Lausanne Soccer Heads To State With Regional Championship


The title of "Regional Champions" evaded the Lynx varsity soccer team last season on their route to win the state championship.

The Lynx were determined to make sure they weren’t denied again, but they’d have to beat a familiar foe to accomplish the task. 

St. George's and Lausanne varsity soccer teams are very familiar with each other. As members of the same district, the teams played each other earlier this season at Lausanne, in a 4-2 Lausanne victory. The Gryphons and Lynx also met last season in the state championship game: an overtime thriller that came down to the final seconds. 

Thursday night’s game offered the same intensity, with both teams trading shots on goal but unable to score because of outstanding goalie plays from both sides.

It was Lausanne's Vinny Garcia '21 that found the back of the net on a beauty of a shot with a little over 12 minutes left in the game. Lausanne Keeper Suneil Patel '20 held the Gryphons scoreless as Lausanne defeated St. George's for the regional championship 1-0 Thursday night in Collierville. 

While the title of Regional Champion means a lot to the Lynx, they know there is still work to be done.

"From a coaching standpoint, it has been great to see team quality players with effort, discipline, motivation and success due to sacrifice and hard work on and off the field,” said Rigerio Lima, head coach for Lausanne. “The coaching staff is very proud of the players. Now, the new season is about to start and we look forward to seeing our student body and faculty continue supporting these athletes in our future games. It means so much to the team.”

The Lynx will play again at the end of next week to continue their quest for back to back state titles.

#LetsGoLynx #BeGreat 


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