Lausanne Soccer Wraps Up Season With Eye On The Future
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Lausanne Soccer Wraps Up Season With Eye On The Future

As time ran out on the Lausanne soccer season, head coach Amy Morrison watched on with a full heart. 

“This team has been so special to coach,” Morrison said. “I am so impressed with how the girls stayed present in each moment. From workouts to battles against rivals, everyone was all in all year. To maneuver through this year and all the uncertainty and still achieve the success we have is a testament to how hard these ladies have worked. I am so proud of them.”

Led by seniors like Jordan Timmons ’21 and Taylor Rhodes ’21, the Lynx continue to grow their soccer team into a state championship contender.

“Those two special ladies have given their blood, sweat, and tears to build this program since they started for us in eighth grade,” Morrison said. “It's hard to imagine where this program would be without them!"

Looking back, it was a year filled with so many moments that Coach Morrison says she will never forget. A season she said she was not even sure they would get to play.

"We started the year not knowing if we'd get to go full contact, get a game in or even be able to finish the season. Every moment has counted and we have appreciated and tried to seize each one,” Morrison said. "We talked early on about the reality that this season will be unlike any other, so we needed to approach it differently as well. From early on, we focused on being grateful that we were able to be together as a family playing a sport we love."

Then there was their match against Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK) in Nashville to get them to the quarterfinals. As the team boarded the bus, they were cheered on by students from Lausanne’s Lower School.

"I cannot thank them enough for sending off our big Lynx with love, cheers and signs that game,” Morrison said. “We hung those signs on the fences when we got to the field.”

Timmons and Rhodes are joined by Lausanne seniors Jazmin Bolden ’21, Molly Crais ’21, Britney Okhiria ’21, Alex Rochkind ’21 and Elizabeth Surbrook ’21 as members of a Lausanne soccer family that Morrison said form the foundation on which this program plans to continue to build its success on.

“The future of Lausanne soccer is bright,” Morrison said. “It has been incredible to see how many amazing women have come through this program. With the players we have coming back, we are going to build on what we did this year and keep the momentum going. These seniors legacy will resonate in this program as we move forward.”

That future includes members of the Lausanne Middle School that will make the jump to the varsity team.

"We sat and watched the middle school team play many times this year," Morrison said. "Coach Charlotte Albertson and Coach Ben have done an amazing job with our middle school girls and our ladies are looking forward to getting the opportunity to play with them as they make the jump to the varsity team."

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