Lausanne Student Showcases Lausanne Way Attributes During Class Project
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Lausanne Student Showcases Lausanne Way Attributes During Class Project

As part of their government unit, Shelby Longfellow's third graders to act as a class while in their government unit. 

As a group, they wrote to local politicians about a problem that they felt passionate about. 

"During our inquiry unit on government, we explored the idea of letting our voices be heard. One way to do this at this time in their lives was to write letters to elected officials in the community. We hoped to help encourage the leaders to help make a change. We discussed existing issues in our community and the students shared ones they feel should additionally be solved. We explored the concept of personal passions and began to move forward with a plan of action around the problem they felt most called to helping solve. The students decided on a government official and wrote to suggest a proposed plan," Longfellow said. 

One of the students, Maisy Miller '28, chose homelessness as her cause. It was a cause she felt so passionate about, Maisy even went above and beyond the classroom assignment. She spent a weekend doing a fundraiser in which she raised over $100 to donate to a local cause. 

"There are so many incredible things that go on within the walls of the classroom, it is really powerful to see students like Maisy taking action outside of the classroom to make the world a better place! Maisy is always mindful of her peers and teachers. It’s not surprising that she is going above and beyond to care for the homeless community," Longfellow said. 

Building character through service to others. It's the Lausanne Way.