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Lausanne Student Uses Gifts To Help Local Charity

Jordan Geller '26, a Lausanne middle school student, is at it again.  

In what has become an annual tradition for him, Jordan hosted a soup luncheon that raised money for the St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen. 

Lausanne families along with other community members were invited to enjoy some delicious soup with friends and donate to the great cause.  

In preparation, Jordan reached out to Fleming’s Steakhouse and The Butcher Shop to ask for soup donations for his cause. As a result, he was able to get a delicious lobster bisque and french onion soup donated. Homemade matzo ball soup and a Santa Fe chili were offered as choices as well.  

Guests were given a choice of either a flight of three or a bowl of one and were given choices of a drink and dessert.  

Attendees were greeted at the door by his sister, Melinda Geller '29, and other rising third graders.  

"They offered a free looming bracelet and a smile as they led us to our table," attendee and Lausanne junior kindergarten teacher Carrie Miller said. "We chatted with other Lausanne families like the Shahs, the Aviottis and the Privettes during our time there. As a former teacher of both Jordan and Melinda, I am so proud of their kind hearts and commitment to helping others in the Memphis community." 

As part of the international baccalaureate (IB) program, students learn how to put into action things that they learn.  Jordan has been reflective about those in need and has inquired as to how he can help.  He jumped right in and reached out to local organizations and businesses to find who to get donations from and who to donate to.  His caring heart and sense of responsibility have turned this into an annual event.  

"Seeing the support of other Lausanne families there was very touching as well," Miller said. 

It is the Lausanne Way!