Lausanne Students Celebrate International Women's Day
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Lausanne Students Celebrate International Women's Day

Students across grade levels are celebrating International Women's Day by honoring the contributions and achievements of women helping pave the way for a more gender-equal world.

In PK2, teachers Simone Lima and Victoria Citchens are teaching their class about influential women around the globe. Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, painter Frida Kahlo, and architect Zaha Hadid started off the week before they explored the works of renowned primatologist Jane Goodall and professional tennis player Serena Williams.

 In Upper School, Dr. Heather Price's Facing History and Ourselves class invited Dorothy Goldwin, a 2nd generation holocaust survivor, to speak this morning. Her parents survived concentration camps during World War II, and her mother spent many years recounting their bravery with students nationwide. Goldwin continues to honor her mother's work by visiting schools and organizations to share her parent's story and legacy with others. 

Dorothy Goldwin shares a picture of the number that was tattooed on her father's forearm as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

 Middle School students in Kyle Lawrence's class learned about different women making a global impact, and students selected a figure to focus on to make podcasts during March. You can listen to one of their podcasts made for Black History Month on the 6888th, a group of black women who went to World War II and sorted mail by clicking here.

Additionally, sixth-grade student Phoebe Holman '29 has set up a Women's History Month Little Library in the sixth-grade hall. It highlights women's stories and features books written by or about strong female figures.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:08