Lausanne Students Complete Hands On CPR Training
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Lausanne Students Complete Hands On CPR Training

Moments matter. It is something that is not only true in life, but in saving one. 

In case of a cardiac emergency, if someone at the scene is able to provide CPR to the victim promptly, the latter's chances of survival are significantly increased.

Knowing that Marcia Mohundro's eighth-grade Health class put in hours of time and work to become CPR certified.

With the certification, these Lausanne students can now provide assistance to someone who has suffered a heart attack, a near-drowning accident or any number of other emergency situations. 

CPR is a life-saving technique that helps maintain some blood flow to the brain and heart and offers help to the victim until paramedics arrive.

For the past few years, the American Heart Association Heartsaver/ AED certification has been provided by Mrs. Mohundro for eighth-graders prior to their advancement to the Upper School.

"With an arsenal of mannequins ranging from adults, children, and infants it has been possible to instruct students in all aspects of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated external defibrillation, and foreign body airway obstruction," Mohundro said.

Not only do the students receive intensive training, but with the number of mannequins and time that is allotted for the certification, students have additional opportunities for actual "hands-on" training and experience. 

Upon completion of the course, the students had at least 10 contact hours of assisted and unassisted skill demonstrations in practicing with the mannequins, AED simulated trainers, epi-pens and other auto-injector devices, rescue breathing techniques and barrier devices.

The certification the students receive is good for a period of two years. 

The eighth-grade girls completed their rigorous training program for Heartsaver/AED certification and will be receiving their cards shortly.  The eighth-grade boys will round out the school year completing their Heartsaver/AED certification in May. 

Congratulations to all of our eighth-grade students. You can rest assured they are prepared for any situation that may occur. #thelausanneway