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Lausanne Students Explore Communities With Trip Around Memphis

To support their current unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time, the SK classes went on an “Around the Town” field trip.

The students are learning about different types of communities (urban, suburban and rural). 

As a part of that, they recently took their class outdoors to the Mielenz Farm, the family farm of Lausanne students Zoe '27 and Alder '25. While there, they were shown the characteristics of a rural community.

"There weren’t any neighbors nearby, no skyscrapers, and not even a Starbuck’s. However, there was plenty of room for their horses and their farm dog, Ed, to run and play in the expansive, grassy fields," Senior Kindergarten Teacher Cristy Buziak said. 

Afterward, the students headed downtown where they boarded trolleys for a ride through the urban area. Along the way, they pointed out things that made the area urban such as the buildings being closer together and taller. 

The day ended on the rooftop of a building downtown where students and teachers took in a view of the Memphis skyline as Lausanne's Head of Dining Services, Frank Supergan, grilled hot dogs for the class.