Lausanne Cross Country Prepares For Upcoming Season
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Lausanne Cross Country Prepares For Upcoming Season

With the academic year over, students settling into the summertime routine and social distancing rules and regulations still in place, varsity cross country coach Heather Clagett knew there had to be some intentionality in how she approached next season. 

It is a challenge many coaches are feeling as summer conditioning begins at Lausanne. 

"This season isn’t like other seasons," Clagett said. “My athletes are coming out of a period of sedentary, mostly indoor activities which has affected their range of motion, strength, and cardiovascular capacity.”

Among the considerations and approaches she took in preparing for the season were: 

  • Extra mobility work because athletes are tight from being confined during the quarantine

  • Strengthening of cores and hips in order to produce more efficient running and reduce injuries

  • Social distancing – the athletes are incredibly spread out at practice and yet are following instructions and getting the work in

  • Logging the miles they run alone on Google Sheets to increase accountability and preserve the sense of “team” when they are not physically together

"Our first week got off to a gentle start," Clagett said. “But we are excited to start working harder in the coming practices. Coach Jack and I have put our heads together to find ways to make training tough, but fun.” 

For Lausanne student-athletes in all sports, the ability to get outside and do something "routine" during summer conditioning is a nice break. 

"Nothing has made us happier than getting to return to Lausanne and work with our athletes. You can tell the kids needed to see each other, too," Clagett said. 

Varsity cross country returns 23 student-athletes from last year and looks to qualify both squads for the state meet this upcoming season.

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