Lausanne Upper Schoolers Fulfill A Wish For Make-A-Wish Recipient
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Lausanne Upper Schoolers Fulfill A Wish For Make-A-Wish Recipient

During a heartwarming event in the Elder Performing Arts Center (EPAC) last Tuesday, the Lausanne community was able to help fulfill a wish for a Make-A-Wish recipient and her family. 

Students from Lausanne's Make-A-Wish Club organized the event and spent all week preparing for the grand reveal of the gift: a trip to Disney World. 

To make the experience special, a group of upper schoolers took to the stage dressed as Disney princes and princesses and announced that an audience member would be able to join the characters on stage to play a game if they happened to find a lucky envelope under their seat. A huge smile crossed the face of the Make-A-Wish visitor and the students began applauding as she realized she had the winning ticket. 

After she helped her team win the game, she was met with falling confetti and a banner that revealed she and her family will be going to Disney World.

This was surely a special day for her as well as all the Lausanne community members who worked to make this a reality.

This story was written by communications intern Phillip Kulubya '20.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 07:54