Lausanne's Middle School Honors Students With IB Learner Profile Awards
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Lausanne's Middle School Honors Students With IB Learner Profile Awards

Lausanne's Middle School had the opportunity to honor multiple students across Fifth through Eighth Grade with an IB Learner Profile - October Community Leaders of the Month certificate.

Award recipients earned recognition because of their commitment to displaying what it means to be a good community leader through the 10 IB Learner Profile attributes, which empower students to be Open-Minded, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Inquirers, Reflective, Knowledgeable, Risk-Takers, Caring and Balanced

"The IB Learner Profiles imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them," said Middle School Learning Specialist Julie Cooper. "The Middle Years Programme (MYP) places a big emphasis on the ten attributes that help create a strong community. In the Middle School at Lausanne, we embrace the IB Learner profile as the backbone of a well-rounded student and community member."

Middle schoolers are acknowledged and celebrated for excelling in these ten areas through submissions from their teachers and peers using the learner profile attributes as nomination criteria. 

"By awarding students for their excellence in these 10 areas, we hope that they will see the value in each one and therefore the value each student brings to our community," said Ms. Cooper. "Everyone has their strengths and each of those strengths are important to our school, local and global community. We are proud to celebrate our October award winners for going over and beyond for their community and themselves."


IB Learner Profile - October Community Leaders of the Month:

5th Grade

  • Ian-Nicholas Da Ponte Cooper - Knowledgeable
  • Alicia Gibson - Reflective
  • Syncere Jackson - Inquirer
  • Edward Sellers - Risk Taker
  • Ava Long - Caring
  • Dawson McLemore - Inquirer

6th Grade

  • Issa Syali - Caring
  • Max Chi - Open-minded
  • Ruby Gsanger - Well Balanced
  • Rebeca Bathala - Communicator
  • Zoe Mielenz - Risk Taker
  • Lily Morrison - Caring
  • Manuella Bathala - Communicator
  • Priya Bryant - Principled
  • Caylie Jordan - Principled

7th Grade

  • Claudia Harris - Communicator
  • Reagan Spain - Knowledgeable
  • Sampson Knopf - Well Balanced
  • Ayana Holt - Well Balanced
  • Bennett Johnson- Knowledgeable
  • Laila Abdo - Caring
  • Maddie Bellamy - Communicator
  • Sachin Lyons - Well Balanced

8th Grade

  • Sara Kapadia - Caring
  • Roju Miller - Communicator
  • Meredith Brittain - Knowledgeable
  • Taylor Simmons - Caring
  • Noel LeBlanc - Caring
  • Hugh Parker - Risk Taker
  • Kabir Syali - Thinker
  • Daniel Murphy - Open-Minded
  • Peter Morrison - Caring
  • Nathan Hayes - Principled
Ms. Cooper presenting IB Learner Profile certificates to our online learning award recipients.
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