¡Leamos! Upper School Students Bring Storytelling To Lower School
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¡Leamos! Upper School Students Bring Storytelling To Lower School

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Spanish II HL students made the trip across campus to read children's books in Spanish, written by them, to first-grade students. 

For the last seven years. Instructor of Spanish and Department of World Languages Chair Chary Jara has been working with first-grade Spanish teacher Flavia Dunmyer on this inter-departmental project.

"I have always had my students write children's book when I teach the topics of childhood, cultural traditions and past tenses," Jara said. "I thought it would be a good idea for them to actually read their stories to the Lower School kids since we are all on the same campus. This is one of the advantages of working at Lausanne."

Jara said that most of the time, the students have to use their knowledge of Spanish to explain what is going on in the story so that the younger students understand. 

"I love how they assume the role of a teacher and how proud they are to show off their hard work," Jara said. 

For the younger students, the experience allows them to step outside regular book learning and experience Spanish in a whole new way. 

"I think the most important thing my students get out of this activity is they realize how learning Spanish can really influence their academic knowledge at Lausanne," Dunmyer said. "Learning Spanish is not just something we do in Lower School. They can put it to good use and eventually be fluent in a different language," Dunmyer said. 

Through the books Sra. Jara’s students create, the younger students learn new vocabulary and the visuals in the books help them understand what is going on in the story. This also exposes the younger students to higher level Spanish vocabulary. 

This collaboration between the upper school and lower school students builds a strong Spanish community.

It's #TheLausanneWay.