Liv Clayton '19: Senior Profile
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Liv Clayton '19: Senior Profile

Liv Clayton ’19 has lived her whole life pursuing passions and expressing her creativity.

Because of this, Lausanne was a natural fit for her free spirit, and has prepared her to crush her goals in the future as well.

The senior was born Olivia Leigh Clayton, but her father started calling her Liv right after she was born and on March 9, 2016 she had her name legally changed to Liv Free Clayton.

“When people find out I legally changed my name, I always get the same question: 'Why?' The answer is simple- because I wanted to,” said Clayton. “That is the same philosophy I’ve followed at Lausanne. I’ve been in 12 theatre productions at Lausanne, because I love theatre and the community and because I wanted to. I’ve played lacrosse for eight years, because I love being a part of a team and because I wanted to. I’ve served as SGA rep junior and senior year, because I love representing my class and because I wanted to.”

As Liv plans for the future, she is looking into University of Richmond, Loyola University Chicago and College of William and Mary, where she wants to major in psychology, minor in theatre and follow a pre-med track.

“Lausanne has provided me with countless opportunities to pursue my passions and express my true creative self,” Clayton said. “Why do I feel like I will be successful in the next four years of my life? Because Lausanne has prepared me to.”