Living Museum Brings Historical Figures To Life
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Living Museum Brings Historical Figures To Life

On Wednesday, May 15, you could take a step back in time and visit a museum all without leaving the Lausanne campus. 

Lausanne seventh graders held their annual Living Museum in the main gym at Lausanne. While walking through the exhibit, you could speak with political figures such as Donald Trump and Al Gore or to sports icons Lionel Messi and Lebron James. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Rosa Parks were also represented. 

Students presented the projects by proving one side of a debatable question using examples in a "character's" life. Some of the questions included "are words powerful enough to impact society" and "can domestic protest affect the outcome of war or political policy?" Student examples of work included a research paper, digital presentation of events and an artifact made out of recyclable materials. 

While visiting with each student, visitors were able to learn how Billie Jean King used tennis as a form of non-violent protest for women's rights and how Julian Asange, creator of WikiLeaks, showed that words can be powerful enough to change society.  

The Living Museum featured 64 different "characters" on display. To learn more about the characters featured in this years' Living Museum, click here to see an interactive map

Click here to see photos from the event on our Facebook page.