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Memphis Storyteller Visits Lausanne SK Students

Senior Kindergarten(SK) students had the opportunity to hear stories from a long-time Memphis storyteller.

The SK classes met in the library with local storyteller Lynnie Mirvis.

Students used their imaginations to journey with Ms. Mirvis and her puppet companion as they explored books.

The students are currently studying "How We Express Ourselves" as part of their unit of inquiry. The central idea of the unit is that there are many ways to tell a story.

Mirvis was featured in the Jewish Scene Magazine in which they said “As a longtime storyteller in the Memphis community, Lynnie Mirvis has always used stories to create connections. It’s what she calls “heart-to-heart sharing.” In her storytelling, Lynnie has drawn from the richness of all cultures – Native American and Asian to name a few – in order to convey messages of empathy and help listeners connect with others outside of their own experience on a deeper level.”