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Looking for Connection? LPC is here to help!

Dear Lausanne parents,

Day four, soon to be many more…

There is only one wrong way to parent during self-isolation, social distancing or mandated quarantine - and that is beating yourself up for not doing it "right." These are unprecedented times, and every one of us is charting new territory within our (suddenly much closer) family units. 

We are lucky to have the backing and support of the truly special Lausanne teachers and staff as they explore new tools and totally reimagine our children's learning paths. We chose Lausanne for a uniquely intimate and hands-on learning experience and shattering that physical space has left many of our children (and us!) feeling fractured. Thankfully we have the tools, the time and the willpower to remain a community. Below, I have listed the social channels that have been set up for parent communication; these will become our sounding boards.

Do you have any ideas? Join the conversation on the LPC Facebook page and help keep our community connected.

Lets Go Lynx!
Yasmin Jeiroudi
LPC Communications Team