Lower And Middle School Lynx Connect Through Handmade Candy Dispensers
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Lower And Middle School Lynx Connect Through Handmade Candy Dispensers

First-grade students had the opportunity to connect with some of their older Lynx friends when a group of middle schoolers visited for an early Valentine's surprise. 

This morning, eighth-Grade Advanced STEAM students stopped by with handmade candy dispensers they built in class. The middle schoolers shared how to access the candy in each design and passed them around so students could dispense pieces of candy. 

While exchanging candy has become an annual event for Middle and Lower school students, adding candy dispensers into the action began with last year's eighth-grade class as a safe way to continue the tradition during the pandemic.

Knowing the candy had to be transferred from person to person without touching, students created candy dispensers that allowed small amounts of candy to be distributed without it coming into contact with the giver or the receiver. 

The first-graders loved the added engagement so much that this year's Advanced Steam students decided to design their own dispensers.

As students went through the creation process in class, they journaled their experience using four areas of criteria: inquiring and analyzing, developing ideas, creating the solution and evaluating. 

Both grade levels had a blast bonding through the project, and look forward to connecting again soon.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:53