Lower School Faculty Practices Mindfulness By Blue Heron Lake
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Lower School Faculty Practices Mindfulness By Blue Heron Lake

With one hand over their heart and the other across their stomach, Lower School faculty closed their eyes and took a long, deep breath before exhaling. 

As a way to help them relax and reset, Lower School members met by Blue Heron Lake this morning to practice a mindful moment that was led by Director of Social and Emotional Learning, Greg Graber.

Mindful Moments are a component of the mindfulness program implemented at Lausanne that promotes the social, emotional and cognitive development of our students and the self-care of our teachers.

  “I had a great time leading the lower school faculty in some self-care activities by the lake this morning," Greg Graber said. "Teacher self-care is important because the burn-out rate in this profession is so high. The stress put on teachers by the high demands during these uncertain times is emotionally taxing. In addition, when teachers are in a good emotional space they are more available to tend to the needs of our students.” 

"I really enjoyed learning more about SEL at the lake, as I recall the PD from past school year on Social Emotional Learning," Lower School Art teacher Rhonda Spight said. "The time spent there was very therapeutic and calming. Mr. Graber helped to reassure my gratitude as he stated, “Look for the good.” I jotted down plenty of notes to help me navigate throughout the terrain of teaching art this year in new ways."

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Posted by Shayne Dotson at 11:48