Lower School Lynx Find Inspiration In Seventh-Grade Project
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Lower School Lynx Find Inspiration In Seventh-Grade Project

Friday afternoon at Lausanne, third grade students took educational trips without ever leaving campus.

Over the last several weeks, the seventh grade has been preparing a virtual health fair.  Each exhibit highlights one human body organ system and takes the viewer on an interactive educational tour. 

“The designs are unique to each exhibit and reflect the students’ creativity,” seventh grade science teacher Brooke Hoffman said. “Some experiences include school field trips, museum tours, hospital stays and a journey through the heart.”

This summative project completed their MYP unit “From a Cell to an Organism.”  To prepare, the students researched their system, designed their exhibit, learned to code using CoBlocks and then built their virtual exhibitions. 

Having used the CoSpaces app for their math-themed escape rooms, the lower school students visited the virtual health fair exhibit outside the dining hall.

With trips to Muscle Beach (muscular system) and the moon (skeletal system) among others, the students were able to travel to educational locations and museums with their feet firmly planted on Lausanne’s campus.

“I wanted my third-grade students to learn more about how the program works, Lower School ANTS teacher Amy Brownlee said. “Seeing how the older students use the program serves as inspiration for the younger students and pushes them creatively.”

They exhibits can be viewed by the community and can be accessed using the QR codes on their exhibit advertisement posters placed throughout campus. If you download the CoSpaces app, you can visit the exhibits in virtual or augmented reality by scanning the QR codes!

Featured in the virtual health care were the following exhibits: 

- The Excretory System by Jack Peeples
- The Endocrine System by Emily Bomar
- The Digestive System by Catherine Coryat
- The Digestive System by Atlas Altman
- The Skeletal System on Davis Lane
- The Lymphatic System by Sachin Lyons
- The Muscular System by Sampson Knopf

Posted by Steven Russell at 08:00