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Lower School Students Challenged To Create At-Home Obstacle Courses

To help our Lynx stay active and engaged, Lower School P.E. coaches Lesa Mears and Woodrow Lowe have been creating weekly challenges for students to complete at home.

"Coach Lowe and I miss our boys and girls in P.E. so much and we thought weekly challenges would be fun for the kids and a good way to keep us connected and active," Coach Mears said. 

Last week, the lower schoolers were challenged to design obstacle courses using house-held items and combing the skills they practice in class like hopscotch, jumping, throwing at targets and stacking objects using both hands. 

The students had the opportunity to showcase their unique courses in the Seesaw videos they shared of themselves navigating through their obstacles. 

"It’s been amazing to watch the students' creativity, but most of all to see their faces and their smiles," Coach Mears said. "We may be separated but we can still be connected as a family through online challenges like these."



Posted by Shayne Dotson at 11:44