Lower School Students Explore Holidays Worldwide
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Lower School Students Explore Holidays Worldwide

Lausanne's first and second-graders eagerly waited as teachers stamped each student's hand-made passports, sending their imaginations on a journey to explore different holidays and cultures worldwide. 

As part of their yearly Primary Years Programme (PYP) tradition, Holidays Around the World, first and second-grade students learned about different national and international cultures to connect the curriculum to real-life experiences. For the class activity, students "fly" around the world with their passports and airplane tickets.

"During this Unit of Inquiry – the students learn that people around the world express their culture in different ways," First-Grade teacher Robin Pohlman said. "We explored the characteristics of traditions and celebrations and how they are similar and different.

This year's adventure included passport stamps to Japan, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Spain and Egypt. 

"I worked really hard on making my passport," Alexia Van Lieshout '32 shared. "I was so excited to get it stamped and to learn about different holidays."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:00