Lower School Students Hold Album Release Session
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Lower School Students Hold Album Release Session

As a part of their music technology projects this year, fourth-graders in Mrs. Tara West's class composed meditation music. Last week, the students held an "album release" session to listen to all of their songs over the course of three days in the Lower School music room.

Students learned to create the music using a DAW (digital audio workstation) called Soundtrap. The unit included a questionnaire for family and friends that helped the students gauge the calming effect of the music they created.

Throughout the project, students learned how things such as the Fibonacci sequence appear in music and were challenged to insert a Phi moment in their piece.

"They also learned how tempo, timbre, natural sound effects (e.g. sounds of rain, wind, leaves, whales, dolphins, etc.), phi moment and range can effect the emotion or feeling of a song," Lower School Music Teacher and PK-12 Music Coordinator Tara West said.

The project was in connection with the social and emotional learning that students receive in the classroom.

A link to the playlists can be found here. 

We also attended the sessions, and you can enjoy a minute of that below. 


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:05