Lower School Students Use Technology To Create Gifts For Mother's Day
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Lower School Students Use Technology To Create Gifts For Mother's Day

Lausanne students have been working hard in Lower School as they prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Lower School Lynx made interactive Mother’s Day cards designed in their ANTS (Acquiring New Technology Skills) classes. The cards featured a QR code that links to a video made by the students that also feature creative personalization to make them extra special.

“Students in second grade have used their coding and programming skills to create cards for their amazing moms,” Lower School ANTS teacher Amy Brownlee said. “After finishing their programming unit, they were eager to use their skills in new ways. They each designed and programmed an animated card for the special people in their lives. Each card is unique and created specifically for their loved ones.”

Skills learned during the first-grade food truck and marketplace have also come in handy as students created buttons to show their love. The Writers Guild also was an inspiration for many as they created books celebrating the mothers in the students’ lives. The collaboration between teachers and co-curricular classes have even played a role in the hand-made gifts for the special day. 

“Students have the opportunity to take what they have learned all year and apply it to give thanks and celebrate the important people in their lives,” Brownlee said. “What’s so amazing about all of these gifts is that the students are becoming experts in using the technology. They help each other and are able to teach the concepts to their peers, which shows just how much they have learned this year. Even my most timid students have become teachers and are eager to share the process with others.”

First through fourth-grade students at Lausanne take part in a full seven-day co-curricular rotation, as they travel to a specialty class each school day. In addition to a STEAM class, ANTS, Lower School Lynx also receive instruction from skilled specialist teachers in Art, Music and Physical Education. All Co-curricular teachers apply learning from the classroom instruction to their specialty area curriculum.

Posted by Steven Russell at 09:01