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Lausanne Lower School Kicks Off Summer With Carpool Drive-Thru

If you stepped outside during the day at Lausanne on Monday and Tuesday near the carpool drive outside the Lower School, you could tell when it was the top of the hour. 

Dance music, horns honking, bubbles in the air and the cheers of teachers and staff welcomed families in cars as they came to drop off their supplies on the last day of school. 

Keeping a social distance and wearing masks, students and teachers greeted each other as parents drove up one at a time to say their goodbyes for the summer. 

There was laughter, tears and joy. After all, it had been a while since each had seen each other outside a computer screen. 

Each grade took turns lining up in advance of the joyous parade that stretched over two days. 

As the students drove away with their families for summer break, students remained focused on the future with many yelling out to their teachers, "I will come to see you next fall when school starts again."

You can bet that when that comes to pass, waves will be exchanged for hugs. 

Have a great summer Lausanne Lower School! We miss you! 

Click here to see photos from Monday and Tuesday.