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Lucas Davis ’18: Mr. Lausanne

Lucas Davis ’18 can be described as an innovator, a writer, a thespian, or just Mr. Lausanne. The senior was awarded the prestigious honor, Mr. Lausanne, which tells the world he is your ideal Lausanne student to look up to. Lucas, an International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidate, came to Lausanne hoping to find a community that will best fit him.

“At Lausanne, we are all different, and that is incredibly important. I hope to have contributed to Lausanne's truly global perspectives and learning process. Hands down, I came to Lausanne for the diverse environment.”

Lucas has received many awards among his peers, demonstrating that he is a star student. He won the Le Grand Concours French Award, Ambassador of the Year award, Physics SL Award, French III HL Award, English 9 Award, and finished in the top 10% of the National French Exam participants. Davis has flourished in the classroom, which truly is what his experience in the IB program is all about.

Lucas explains, “The IB program gave me the unique opportunity to develop an idea, design implementation, and realize it through the extended essay and internal assessments in my classes. “

Davis is currently deciding between UC Berkeley and UNC-Chapel Hill for his college plans; two incredible schools that deserve a bright student like Lucas. The senior is a Lausanne Ambassador, Vice-President and Head-Editor of Newspaper Club, National Honor Society member, a Student Government representative, and an active member of Lausanne’s theater community. Outside of the Lausanne grounds, Lucas attended the Rhodes Summer Writing Institute, competed in the Wordsmith competition, volunteered for Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), interned at Promise Academy, and is a columnist for La Prensa Latina, where the senior writes bilingual columns every week.

Davis reflects, “Looking back, Lausanne's willingness and ability to help students get to where they want to be was highly valuable. Opportunities such as the junior college trip and the college counseling office are valuable resources. I’m fortunate to have teachers always mentoring me through the process and encouraging me to follow my interests.”

To sum it all up, there was no one better than Lucas to be given the name of Mr. Lausanne, and his Lynx community knows he will wear the title with pride and honor!