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Lynx Connect at Robotics Competition

Lausanne Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team competed last week in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

The challenge at this year's competition was called Relic Recovery. Teams had to place blocks in stacks at a face pace and also extend a figurine outside of field walls. The robot also had to complete an autonomous period in which it deciphered a pattern and place a block in a column according to a picture.

Senior Jonathan Kagoo '18 tells us about the hard work put in by the fourth-year Lynx team which led them to win a Connect Award and how this team is invested in the community.

Connecting the dots between school community, FIRST and the diversity of the engineering world is what is judged during the competition. The award is given to the team that most connects with the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) community. A true FIRST team is more than a sum of its parts, and recognizes that engaging their local STEM community plays an essential part in their success. 

The recipient of this award is recognized for helping people understand FIRST. The team that wins the Connect Award aggressively seeks and recruits engineers and explores the opportunities available in the world of engineering, science and technology. They have a clear business or strategic plan and have identified steps to achieve their goals. 

The Lynx were recognized for this award because of their efforts at Lausanne, in the community and helping spread FIRST. 

At Lausanne, the Lynx go to JK classes and present the robot and help develop engineering skills in the younger generation. The group also helped start a Lausanne First Lego League (FLL) team. In addition, they mentor two Medtronic competition teams for Middle Schoolers and help them develop the skill to be a part of Upper School robotics and engineers in the future. 

In the community, the Lynx are always trying to help create a better city. We go to the leadership organization Bridges, where we also help develop engineering skills using Lego Mindstorms kits. Promise Academy is another place we invest our time to help demonstrate engineering skills to their students and have helped start an FLL team.

To spread FIRST, the team goes to FLL competitions where they try to help people develop and start FTC teams in their schools. We are also working to start a FTC competition in the state of Tennessee where there is an absence of this competition and teams.

Congratulations to the members of our Lausanne team who, because of their service and community involvement, were awarded the Connect Award:

Diego Alba '21Emily Chen '18Venice Fan '21Will Hamic '18Ethan Hamilton '19Sam Hori '18Jonathan Kagoo '18Woody Sharp '19Henry Tarkowski '23 and Carter Trexler '21.

Posted by Steven Russell at 14:41