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Lynx Continue Sustainable Schools Challenge

As part of Lausanne’s re-certification process for the Sustainable Schools Challenge (SSC), eighth grade science conducted an indoor air quality audit with the guidance of Jenna Richardson from CleanMemphis, Dr. Chunrong Jia, an associate professor at the University of Memphis School of Public Health and Lausanne science teacher Mrs. Brooke Hoffman this month.  

To begin this audit, Ms. Richardson and Dr. Jia spoke with the eighth grade students, educating them on the various factors contributing to indoor air quality. They tested levels of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter in the classroom. A few of the students helped Dr. Jia setup sensors around the school that will gather data over the course of one week.  

After the data is analyzed in Dr. Jia’s lab, the students will assess the results to determine the various VOC sources and consider ways the school can improve the quality of our air.

The SSC is a local, independent certification program, which is rigorous, yet attainable, and modeled after the federal program. It is meant to serve the unique concerns and challenges faced by schools in the greater Memphis area and is a student-led campaign to change the culture of the school, resulting in more sustainable behavior. 

Posted by Carrie Robinson at 08:48