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Lynx Robotics Exemplary Models

More than 30 robotics teams from around the Mid-South area participated this past weekend, including three Lausanne Middle School teams.

The teams are student-led by two Upper School Lynx. Junior Jonathan Kagoo '18 mentored the all-boys "Lynx Team" while junior Anna Hori '18 led the two all-girls teams, "The Bakers" and "The Rockstars." These two students have volunteered two to three days a week after school since January to help prepare the Middle School students for the engineering competition.This was the third year our students have participated in the annual Medtronics Robotics Competition at the University of Memphis.

"I have really enjoyed working with the girls this past year, and watching as they have learned to build, program and troubleshoot their robots," said Anna. "The competition was a great way for them to demonstrate all of their hard work and it was fun to be able to watch them show off their skills to their friends, families and the Memphis community."

The teams' hard work throughout the semester paid off. All three teams did well in the competition with "The Bakers" placing 4th overall. The boys Lynx Team received an award for Creative Design and placed 5th overall for the weekend.

Our teams were called to the front and recognized as an "exemplary model" of school teams. The Medtronics staff wanted recognize Lausanne because of the unique fact our teams are mentored by older Lausanne students and encouraged all of the participating schools to follow our lead.

"What an incredible display of sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance by these Lausanne students," said Middle School S.T.E.A.M. teacher Kim Bullard. "I am very proud of their hard work and spirit."

Congratulations to our Middle School Robotics Teams on such a successful weekend.

The Bakers:

Dalia Chemaitilly '21, Elaina Przybyszewski '21Mia Engelberg '24Eva Yu '21Aliyah Nevels '24, Paige Derwin '24

The Rockstars:

Bentley Culbreth '24Mailaika Kumar '23Nikhita Srinivas '23Lauren Williams '23Risha Manga '23Ella Simpson '22

Lynx Robotics:

Aidan Henderson '22Pfeiffer Strom '22Darryl McLemore '22Faris Amin '22, Naveen Nair '22Alex Barakat '22

Posted by Steven Russell at 13:50