Lynx Share Book Club With Iranian Students
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Lynx Share Book Club With Iranian Students

On March 6, our International Baccalaureate (IB) Anthropology Year 2 students got a chance to create a meaningful and global relationship with high school students from Iran. Our IB students are learning to understand and appreciate their own culture, and are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. This week our seniors taking IB Anthropology were able to explore the Iranian culture by participating in a book club with students from the Middle East.

The students communicated on a Skype call and connected to an all-girl school located in Tehran, Iran, which is a home to eight million people. This small group of girls were very eager to connect with our Lausanne students, even with a few technical difficulties to start the morning off. Finally, when the Skype call worked, the girls made a warm welcome by playing a traditional Iranian piece of music for our students. For the book club, each student picked an ethnography, which is a book about particular people and cultures, and were able to share what they learned from their different books. 

The girls asked our seniors why they were interested in learning about Iran.

“In Anthropology, we study cultures and learning about different cultures helps us learn for our class,” said Lausanne senior Marco Whyte ’18. “When studying, you have an insider and outsider perspective. We are interested in the outsider perspective of the Iranian culture and want to see the whole picture.” 

Overall, this was a wonderful opportunity for our IB thinkers, as they were truly able to get the perspective that embraced global mindedness. 

Posted by Carrie Robinson at 11:06