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Marc Bonnot '20- Senior Profile

When Marc Bonnot ‘20 was asked what his favorite thing about attending Lausanne was, he responded emphatically, “all of the extracurricular opportunities!” 

He added, “You can do any sport you might want, you can be in the choir, join the band, do theater, there are tons of clubs for whatever you want to explore, and now there are CAS groups which encourage you to get involved.”

It’s this comfort, community and collaboration that made Marc's experience at Lausanne unique.  

“Everything is very accessible and makes you feel at home, and I think that’s very special. It has helped me discover some of the things I like and want to continue doing in the future,” Marc said.  

While the senior is undecided on his college destination he is leaning toward attending the University of California at Berkeley. 

“It’s a really amazing school and I was recently accepted into the college of natural resources, which works for my interests,” Marc said. 

Marc plans on majoring in general biology or environmental science at this current time as he’s always been interested in nature and the outdoors. A timely major to be sure as the world is facing many growing and changing environmental issues. 

“I find this field fascinating and if I can have fun while making positive change in the world, I feel I will have succeeded,” Marc added. 

According to Marc, Lausanne has also helped him discover who he is and what he likes. After moving here in the ninth from Belgium, the community and school system at Lausanne helped him quickly adjust, build strong friendships and prepared him for life in a competitive and diverse academic and business environment as well. 

“Lausanne has allowed me to explore topics I like on a global scale and it’s taught me to write papers, do research, as well as learn many life skills, like managing time and handling the occasional failure,” he said.  I feel prepared for college and life after that, and for that I am thankful.” 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:30