Marcus Cohn '22 Wins Lausanne Spelling Bee
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Marcus Cohn '22 Wins Lausanne Spelling Bee


Eighth-grader Marcus Cohn '22 spelled the word practitioner correctly in round thirteen yesterday to walk away the winner of the annual Lausanne Spelling Bee.

After two back-and-forth rounds with fourth-grader Sachin Lyons '23, Marcus confidently spelled his winning word on the Elder Performing Arts Center Stage, which was met by a large round of applause by the Lower and Middle School student audience.

Congratulations to all of our Lausanne spelling bee participants on a hard-fought competition.

Grade 1 – Evan Shukla '29

Grade 2 – Mahi Upadhyay '28

Grade 3 – Asha Lyons '27

Grade 4 – Sachin Lyons '26

Grade 5 – Maisie Reigel '25

Grade 6 – Will Carter '24

Grade 7 – Dany Hamze '23

Grade 8 – Marcus Cohn '22

Posted by Steven Russell at 08:00