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Third-Graders Host Annual Marketplace

Lausanne family members gathered on campus Wednesday morning for a fun-filled shopping spree at the annual Third Grade Marketplace.

The event was divided between three third grade classrooms, and each room provided a different experience for the shoppers. In Dr. Sailors room, video advertisements created by the students were being shown on a screen for guests to get a glimpse of what was being sold. In Mrs. Fonsesca’s room, products covered the tables as eager students stood by, ready to discuss to potential customers the items on display. After choosing what they wanted to buy, guests headed over to Mrs. Longfellow’s room to finish off their shopping festivities with the student-cashiers who were collecting money.

“It was really fun talking to the customers and watching people buy the stuff we made,” said Shane Rossler ’28.

The Third Grade Marketplace was a part of the Primary Years Programme Finance unit, that focuses on function, responsibility and causation while learning to be knowledgeable of their products, the market and who they are selling to.

During the planning process, students discussed what they thought customers would enjoy buying, while focusing on using reusable items.

“We went around the school to find reusable things we could use to make our products and people also donated stuff from home to help too,” said Violet Kadien ’28.

Students voted on what they wanted to make for the marketplace, and ended up with a wide selection of products that included t-shirt bracelets, sensory bottles, pencil holders, stress balls and emoji-themed notebooks.

In preparation for their big event, the third-graders were divided into different groups based on what they wanted to make and sale, and were tasked with coming up with a name for their products, what their job was going to be during the event and how they were going to set the marketplace up for guests to shop.

“My favorite part about this project was getting to be a part of an actual business after putting in all of the hard work and creating the products,” said Dawson Mcclemore ’28.

The third-graders had a great turn out of shoppers and earned a total of $918.87 that they plan to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“The marketplace is my favorite thing we’ve done this year,” said Savannah Gibson ’28. “I like that we are donating the money to help Make-A-Wish, because those kids really deserve it.”