Massey Wins the 2022 House Cup
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Massey Wins the 2022 House Cup

It's official: the Massey Dragons are the winners of the 2022 House Cup.

While Massey had a strong showing for most of the year, Lendenwood fought back, volunteering for service hours and earning points for their House, taking the lead in April and the majority of May.

But the Dragons would not be denied, with several students working on service projects in the final weeks to bring the cup back into reach.

When thunderstorms forced the final competition off the lake, 6th Grade Teacher Kyle Lawrence quickly adapted the plan to allow for the tradition of the boat race to continue with inflatable kayaks on wheels. Four eighth-grade students from each House were tasked with maneuvering their boats from the Athletic Complex to around the fountain and back to The Lair's entrance. While Monmouth put forth an impressive time, Massey took the victory by the slimmest of margins, winning by mere tenths of a second.

The final standings for the year are

  1. Massey
  2. Lendenwood
  3. Cottingham
  4. Monmouth

The standings are more than just bragging rights. For the following school year, the order of house flags flown on campus and seats in EPAC for all convocations are based on the houses' placement.

Lausanne has the longest-running house system in Tennessee, with the program starting at the school in 2006. It's based on the British educational House System, which dates back to the 1850s, where houses are named after famous saints, historical alumni, landmarks, animal names or colors. The four Lausanne Houses are named for the majestic sounding names of the streets which border the school's campus: Massey (Dragons), Lendenwood (Moose), Monmouth (Bears) and Cottingham (Knights).

Lausanne students are initiated into the House process during the formal House Sorting Ceremony when they enter the Middle School as a 5th grader or enroll as a new student. Students remain in their particular Houses for their entire Middle School tenure. Per the traditional House System custom, some students are sorted into Houses as a "legacy" (put into the same House as an older sibling).

The prestigious House Cup is won at the end of the year by the House that accrues the competition's most points.

See more pictures from the boat race on our Facebook site!

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:34