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Max Blen '18: Reporting Greatness

Lynx fans may not know the face of Max Blen ‘18, but they sure do know his voice behind the Lausanne Sports Network (LSN) broadcast. Blen began this sports network over a year ago when he realized that there are countless Lausanne fans around the globe that want to watch our state champs on their screen at home.

“The thing I am undoubtedly most proud of at my time at Lausanne is my founding of the Lausanne Sports Network. I remember FaceTiming the second half of a Lausanne (blowout) football game to a former student so that he can watch his beloved lynx. I thought at that time, ‘Why don’t we broadcast our sporting events?’ It turns out, I was not the only one asking that question.”

International Baccalaureate (IB) students must complete a CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) project during their time as Upperclassmen. Like most of our IB students, Blen, along with fellow senior classmates, used the CAS project to do something he is passionate about: sports broadcasting.

“After the countless hours of research and trying to perfect the broadcasting system, I created the LSN. I was extremely proud of myself when the channel had almost 200 viewers on our final football broadcast. I hope that LSN continues with students next year so I can watch my alma mater dominate on the field and court once again from over 450 miles away.”

Blen has attended Lausanne for the past 13 years and has utilized his passions through the various clubs and groups in the Upper School. Max’s passion for sports can easily be seen in his involvements with the NBA club, Fantasy Sports Club, Spirit Committee, and playing percussion for the Lausanne Pep Band.

“Lausanne has allowed me to follow interests of mine. That is something unique to Lausanne for not only me but for every student because not many other high schools provide those type of opportunities. I also have received opportunities that some people cannot get until entering college. Lausanne has allowed me to open my creative mind by pushing me towards my passions and interests.”

The senior will be attending the business school at the University of Kansas next year. Although he will have a new team to follow and cheer on, we hope Max’s love for the lynx will last a lifetime!