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Meet Lausanne student Tre Jones '22

For as long as Lausanne student Tre Jones '22 can remember, dancing has always been one of his favorite ways to express himself creatively. 

"Even when I was little, whenever a song would come on, it was like the beat and lyrics told me the moves and how to do them," the IB Diploma candidate shared. "Although I probably had two left feet back then, it still made my mom happy, so I just kept dancing and improved over time."

Since then, Tre's audience, as well as his ability to connect his emotions to his movements, have grown. When the junior first came to Lausanne as a freshman, he immediately recognized how accepting everyone was of his dancing and now he loves performing for his fellow Lynx. 

"Whenever I dance, it's either to get some feeling off my chest or the song I'm listening to is just that good, and I like how at Lausanne I can be myself and people accept it, no questions asked," Tre said. "Lausanne has helped me express myself just by the people and the community being themselves and accepting me."

Aside from dancing during his free time, Tre is able to utilize his skills in Mrs. Stallings dance class as well. 

Mrs. Stallings' class is one of my favorite classes I attend, not only because I get graded on dancing but also because Mrs. Stallings has an awesome personality and always pushes me and everybody else in the class to get out of our comfort zone," said Tre. 

During a recent dance class assignment, Mrs. Stallings challenged her students to create a video in five minutes or less using their emotions to fuel their moves. Tre ended up creating a video that brought joy to the entire class and reminded everyone of the importance of expressing yourself.

"Getting to have Tre in my dance class for the past 2 years has been an incredible experience for me as a teacher," said Mrs. Stalling. He's relentlessly authentic and a fearless explorer of movement. Tre uses dance to tell stories and to express himself in ways that words sometimes can’t. I’m so proud of him for this - no one else can tell his story and his voice is powerful and matters."

As for his fellow Lynx who are working up the courage to express their creativity in front of others, Tre has a piece of advice:

"Find a friend you trust or go to your parents and show them," Tre said. "They will take an interest in what you like or what you make so don't try to sell yourself short or think they are only saying that cause they don't want to hurt your feelings. One thing I noticed about being a student at Lausanne is that if you put effort or some form of emotion into something, people will like it because they will be able to connect to it better. Everybody has been angry, everybody has been sad and everybody has been happy so put that stuff into your creativity and just keep dancing."

Take a look at the video below to see the choreography routine Tre created in Mrs. Stallings' class!


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:51