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Melissa Goodwin Shepherd Named 2020 Chair Of Ideas

Lausanne alumna Melissa Goodwin Shepherd '98 was named this year's Chair of Ideas. Melissa works as a stop motion animator and has created for various studios over the years including Fox, Nickelodeon, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Cartoon Network and Disney.  

The Memphis native grew up loving cartoons and at an early age began building the animations and writing scripts. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in animation, but was scared her dream as an artist was not practical. However, when she came to Lausanne during her senior year, she was constantly encouraged by her teachers and felt empowered to pursue her passion. 

"My experience at Lausanne was excellent, and I consider it a big part of my journey," Melissa said. "It is great to see how far Lausanne has come since I was there. I am grateful for my time at Lausanne and I credit it for where I am today."

After being honored as this year's Chair of Ideas during a ceremony in EPAC, Melissa spent a few days on campus speaking with our current Lynx about her career, showing students how to create stop motion animation and giving advice on pursuing interests.  


Posted by Shayne Dotson at 11:41