Middle & Lower School Students Collaborate Over Snacks
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Middle & Lower School Students Collaborate Over Snacks

What's better than snacking alone? Snacking with a friend, of course. Lausanne Middle School students saw an opportunity to cross collaborate with the students in the Lower School utilizing something that they do every day.

The Middle School Snack Shack is a place all middle school students know about. For snack time, students can bring their own snacks or buy one from the snack shack every day from 7:45-8:25 a.m. Items sell from 50 cents to a dollar with proceeds going back into purchasing the snacks for the following month.

Sixth-grade students typically run the Snack Shack, but the students heard the second grade was learning to count money for their latest Primary Years Programme (PYP) unit of inquiry, Currency. 

“Frequently I remind our sixth graders that they have little eyes watching them every day. I saw this as a great opportunity for our younger students because they can watch our sixth graders utilize soft skills like customer service and conflict management. It is never a welcome sign when the Little Bites muffins are out, “sixth grade Individuals and Societies teacher Kyle Lawrence said. 

Working together with students across grade levels is something that Lausanne faculty and students look to do whenever possible because of the benefits to everyone involved. 

"The second-grade teachers and I felt like both groups could find this experience beneficial. My sixth graders can learn excellent leadership skills and the second graders can get real-life experience with their Unit of Inquiry. I also noticed that my own second-grade children dealt with money frequently in their Math packets. I thought this was a tremendous opportunity for the students to see this as a real-world application to what they’ve been learning. It was a wonderful success!”  Lawrence said.