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Middle & Upper School Girls Work Together To Ensure Bright Future For Robotics

Tucked away in the back corner of the second floor of the library at Lausanne on afternoons throughout the week, you can witness the future of Lausanne robotics working with the present. 

The ladies of  Upper School robotics are making sure that the future is a bright one for the program. 

You might remember that last year, the Lausanne all-female middle school robotics team competed at the University of Memphis robotics competition with Dalia Chemaitilly '21 and Elaina Przybyszewski '21 as mentors. A mentorship that grew out of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project of Aynsley Hartney '16.  

That mentorship has continued this year, as every Wednesday-Friday middle school girls gather with their upper school counterparts as they prepare for this year's competition in May.

"We were excited to have been given the opportunity to promote STEM fields for middle school girls like Aynsley did for us," Elaina said. "We will hopefully inspire more girls to get involved in STEM-related professions."

Along the way, they are learning brainstorming, designing, building, programming, troubleshooting, teamwork and cooperation. All while encouraging middle school girls to participate in the heavily male-dominated field of robotics.