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Middle & Upper School Students Work Together On Lausanne Garden

The Creativity, Activity and Service Program (CAS) at Lausanne is a part of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum. The DP framework capitalizes on the inquiry-based, holistic classroom skills learned and applied in Lower and Middle School. This gives students the opportunity to focus on discipline-specific curricula that are enriched by interdisciplinary collaboration. Through CAS, students practice and reflect on their interests and their potential contributions to the communities to which they belong.

As a part of Marc Bonot’s '20 CAS project, he worked with seventh-grade science teacher Tom Brezina to build a raised bed garden. The garden is maintained by the seventh grade as a part of their food equity project. 

"The garden is meant to make students aware of the food they eat," Brezina said. 

Produce from the garden has been dispersed throughout the Lausanne community to build an interest in gardening and sustainability. 

Future plans for the garden include increasing the number of raised beds and compost bins. 

"That will allow the students of LCS innovations to adequately address the problems associated with food equity in their communities," Brezina said.